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the last post ever   
01:45am 12/07/2004
  Ok listen heres whats the....i have no time and really just don't wanna be bothered with anybody short of the choice 4 or 5 people i talk to now i've had alot of friends and i've chilled with even more people but you know what you al can go right to hell i'm done with ppeople thank you and have a nice life..  
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poo on matt dibble, everyone else does   
02:17am 30/03/2003
  Well if i am good at anything, i am damn good at fucking up!!!  
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the truth about disco   
05:03pm 01/03/2003
  dibble160: disco forever
Coheed ndCambria: death before disco
dibble160: man disco is whats hot
Coheed ndCambria: you gotta be crazy
dibble160: you'll catch disco fever
dibble160: cuz its ladys night......can't top that
Coheed ndCambria: can too
dibble160: no way
Coheed ndCambria: oh, but i think so
dibble160: you can tell by the way i use my walk i'm a ladys man
Coheed ndCambria: nope
dibble160: i know you sneek out at night and go to the roller disco
Coheed ndCambria: i know not of what you speak
dibble160: timmy told me
Coheed ndCambria: he doesnt know anything
dibble160: in the tight pants
dibble160: your busted disco man
Coheed ndCambria: dont think so billy jo
dibble160: disco jared disco jared
Coheed ndCambria: watch your mouth young man
dibble160: disco jared
Coheed ndCambria: i will throw down the wrath of god upon your head little man
dibble160: you dances cuz you wanna you leave your friends behind cuz your friends can know, that you disco dance
dibble160: can't
Coheed ndCambria: listen i will kick your ears off
dibble160: thats fine disco jared lord of the dance
Coheed ndCambria: >:o
dibble160: oooohhh i'm scared of a guy that roller discos all night
Coheed ndCambria: :'(
Coheed ndCambria: its not my fault!
dibble160: ohh don't cry you can like disco and still be my friend
Coheed ndCambria: but you made me cry
Coheed ndCambria: MINUS THE BEAR
dibble160: i didn't mean to i say saying it nice i called you lord of the dance thats nice.......ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what are you doing!!!!!!!
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i dunno she just seen it and started laughing   
10:27am 30/01/2003
  what do you think of this i am up at 10 am out of my own free will. it was a good night thought didn't do shit really. I think jared and me going to see coheed on sunday which would make me happy like cheese but untill then i am gonnasee how lazy i really can be unless jared tells his boss then oh man  
to many apples no oranges   
02:11pm 28/01/2003
  today has been pretty uneventfull jared acame over we made out you know the normal. i think i need to find a life today  
the bowl of super has came for you   
04:27pm 26/01/2003
  So today me and jared must watch the super bowl but dunno where yet if you have any ideas fill us in. all will be well!!  
to many sunfish   
01:23am 23/01/2003
  stop the war and eat at ma's  
today we run and friday we sleep   
01:22am 23/01/2003
  so today was good chilled with jared mostly, I am king of the football games and it makes jared wanna cry cuz i am the bestest like ice tea in june in india. Its all cuz of mary sipes  
01:13pm 21/01/2003
  Last night was old school matt dibble jt, jared sipes, what else can be said it was love at first site  
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It blows my mind that sometimes I don't see how good i have it   
03:29am 20/01/2003
mood: loved
Does anyone know what its like to find that one. the one whos for you. and no matter what you felt for people before them it just seems like nothing now. and everyday is better cuz ypou know your with them. all your normal worries are gone because when they look in your eyes you know everything will be ok. Well i do, Thank you mill...I love you so much, your my everything.....and everyone else i hope you all find your one

And plus i got jim john, my best friend forever. I mean shit we've made it this far what can stop us now....I love ya kid
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so this is what they talk about?   
10:46pm 19/01/2003
  dibble160: oh my no one most know
Coheed ndCambria: i know
dibble160: well suprise i am timmy
Coheed ndCambria: yes you are
dibble160: you are randy
Coheed ndCambria: yes
dibble160: then who is gabe
Coheed ndCambria: shirley rigozzi
dibble160: hes dead meat
Coheed ndCambria: yes
dibble160: josh saved us today
Coheed ndCambria: i know it
dibble160: and with that i say tonite i see the loving in your eyes
Coheed ndCambria: really?
dibble160: this is true
Coheed ndCambria: oh boy
The wall fell down, now let me pull my pants up   
07:14pm 16/01/2003
  so today has been ok just hung out with jared and shit, then came home and got some snood playing time in, now i am sitting here thinking about getting some chicken cuz that would make my night that much better  
02:24pm 16/01/2003

and newest tattooest
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haircut economics   
04:20pm 15/01/2003

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sometimes you win   
12:39am 15/01/2003
  i guess i am just nervous it all goes down friday, and i guess i'll get what i deserve  
fried chicken on saturday mornings   
05:23pm 13/01/2003
  i am with all the monkeys in the zoo and we are having fun but soon i have to go hunt for chicken and then i will be happy cuz when the hunt ends everything is so funny and then i will tell jared sipes i am the chicken master and he will lick my armpit and i will like it no more of this child like monkey fucking talk, to war i must go.................

don't worry you will know in time...love bill mann
03:25pm 21/12/2002
  I love to sleep i love it so much its not even funny. well i think thats all i have to say today  
not that hole   
11:31am 20/12/2002
  so i am am pretty sure i am leaving this state sometime in jan. just don't really wanna be here anymore  
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one thing i can count on   
03:32pm 19/12/2002
  be sure each day of my life gets more boring and more boring  
I'm sorry i guess i'm just not a good friend   
06:22pm 16/12/2002
mood: sad
I guess i am just to self centered to worry about everyone else. i tried to keep it inside, and it would be a like if i said i didn't love you but this is to much for me to handle. i've seen this all before and maybe i'm wrong and i hope i am but untill that day that i understand what your saying i guess this is goodbye, I just lost the best part of my family!