Mr. poopy head (dibble) wrote,
Mr. poopy head

the truth about disco

dibble160: disco forever
Coheed ndCambria: death before disco
dibble160: man disco is whats hot
Coheed ndCambria: you gotta be crazy
dibble160: you'll catch disco fever
dibble160: cuz its ladys night......can't top that
Coheed ndCambria: can too
dibble160: no way
Coheed ndCambria: oh, but i think so
dibble160: you can tell by the way i use my walk i'm a ladys man
Coheed ndCambria: nope
dibble160: i know you sneek out at night and go to the roller disco
Coheed ndCambria: i know not of what you speak
dibble160: timmy told me
Coheed ndCambria: he doesnt know anything
dibble160: in the tight pants
dibble160: your busted disco man
Coheed ndCambria: dont think so billy jo
dibble160: disco jared disco jared
Coheed ndCambria: watch your mouth young man
dibble160: disco jared
Coheed ndCambria: i will throw down the wrath of god upon your head little man
dibble160: you dances cuz you wanna you leave your friends behind cuz your friends can know, that you disco dance
dibble160: can't
Coheed ndCambria: listen i will kick your ears off
dibble160: thats fine disco jared lord of the dance
Coheed ndCambria: >:o
dibble160: oooohhh i'm scared of a guy that roller discos all night
Coheed ndCambria: :'(
Coheed ndCambria: its not my fault!
dibble160: ohh don't cry you can like disco and still be my friend
Coheed ndCambria: but you made me cry
Coheed ndCambria: MINUS THE BEAR
dibble160: i didn't mean to i say saying it nice i called you lord of the dance thats nice.......ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what are you doing!!!!!!!
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