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dibble's Journal

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Mr. poopy head
22 February
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I am 19. i'm a boy. i have a girl. i have 3 penises top that!!!
80's music, aretha franklin, baginas, benises, boogers, bums, cheese, cheese sandwiches, cock fights, dog testicles, female anatomy, flying cockroaches, flying cups of yogurt, friends in speedos, garbage men, gay uncles from nebraska, goats, hemorroids, homeless people, hookers, jareds upper lip, kangaroos with horns, left handed cigarettes, life under the sea, maury povich, middle fingers, monkeys, my ass, nightrider, pee pees, retarded kids, right handed cigarettes, seventies porno, sheep, smelly farts, space clowns, timmy baby, toxic waste, turkey flakes, turkeys without nipples, used underwear, wet ears

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